What is a rain barrel?

A rain barrel is a storage container connected to a downspout that captures stormwater runoff from the roof.

You can use the stored water for your non-edible plants or outdoor cleaning. Reduce your water consumption and manage stormwater runoff at the same time!

  • Participant cost: Rain barrels are FREE!

About rain barrels:

  • Materials: Rain Check uses clean, repurposed 55-gallon food-grade plastic barrels, which means they have been used in the past to carry food items or other non-toxic materials. All Rain Check rain barrels are blue.
  • Dimensions: Each rain barrel is approximately 22.5” diameter and 36.5” in height. The barrels “bow out” in the middle to a diameter of about 24”. Exact dimensions may vary.
  • Installation: We provide a full professional installation including spigots, gaskets, winter cap, and a downspout diverter.
  • Check out the Rain Barrel Fact Sheet in English or Spanish for more information.


  • Mosquitoes: Our rain barrels have a sealed top. No need to worry about mosquitoes!
  • Overflow: Once the barrel is full, excess water will flow down your downspout, so there is no concern about the rain barrel overflowing onto your patio or walkway.
Get creative and decorate your rain barrel!
Get creative and decorate your rain barrel!

Rain barrel maintenance:

Our rain barrels are very low maintenance and only require a few easy actions:

  • Empty: Empty your rain barrel completely before each rainstorm (full barrels can’t capture stormwater!)
  • Clean: Clean out any sediment or leaves that collect at the bottom of the barrel using the removable caps on the top of the barrel.
  • Keep gutters clean: Keep your home’s gutters free from leaves and debris. Clogged gutters can keep your rain barrel from filling properly.
  • Winterize: In the winter, drain your barrel and detach it from the downspout. A winter plug is provided to seal the hole in your downspout.

Check out the Rain Barrel Maintenance Guide in English or Spanish for more tips.

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